Today we are fighting a virus that has taken our jobs, freedom, education, and loved ones. Our nation’s first responders and health care workers have put their safety on the line to protect every citizen. When a citizen is diagnosed with the virus, the health department will contact anyone the victim has been in contact with for longer than fifteen minutes while standing less than six feet away. This is called contact tracing, which has been put into play to help slow down the spread of the virus. When it comes to contact tracing, it is crucial to review citizens’ health and their safety. While there are many facts behind contact tracing, it is also a very opinionated topic. It is important to respect everyone’s opinion and do your research. Following someone else’s opinion without first doing research may put your health and privacy at risk. Articles written, are to shine a light on contact tracing and why this form of slowing COVID-19 has been put into play.


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